Kyle Prillmayer: Art in Motion

Some of the most successful artwork in the world are the ones that incorporate some form of movement. Paintings can look as though they are alive simply by having a dynamic composition or certain elements arranged to create a sense of motion or flow. Sculptures break their static mold by being built with movement in mind and giving the viewer something to stop and inspect. Without movement, art could lack that sense of "life" that make them so memorable and timeless.

With Wind depicts an installation piece that uses bright colors and patterns to create a sense of movement through the room. Your eye is lead around the pillars by the colorful artwork.
The Crisis is a magazine cover that uses a repetitious pattern to make the shapes look as though they are vibrating with jittery movement. Your eye is drawn to the hands enclosed by the pattern.
Trout Fishing depicts a person standing on a cluster of rocks and fishing in a fast moving river. The artist uses bold paint strokes to replicate the motions of water rushing against the static rocks.
Isle de Bonaventure is an interpretation of a rocky coast. Every element in the piece is showcasing movement. The water is chaotic, the rocks are static, and the seagulls are flying with grace.
The Combat of Diomedes depicts a large battle taking place. Every figure in the painting is in a dynamic pose and the variations in contrast lead your eye to the center and then up towards the sky.
Tiber Landscape with Castel Sant'Angelo shows a small landscape with houses in the background. The movement is created by the leaves of the trees blowing in the direction of the wind.
The German Princes depicts a line of men on horses holding up large flags. The repetition of the movement of the flags creates a unified piece that makes all of the elements flow together as one.
Dragon and Mt. Fuji shows Mt. Fuji with a dragon located at the bottom right of the painting. Movement is shown through the billowing clouds cascading over the mountain and accenting the dragon.
Flowing Water is a painting of water flowing down a small rocky cliff. The artist creates the illusion of moving water by using bold paint strokes and various changes in direction.
Wind Sculpture literally takes movable objects and transforms them into a static work of art that still depicts movement. Each blade leads into the blades next to it, resulting in a unified piece.
Credits: All media
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