An opinion of what I feel the color black feels in selected pieces. 

I chose this portrait of a black-headed snake because when you normal see black on a snake you get the feeling of the snake being deadly, powerful, and evil.
When I chose this piece, I normally associate a black dress with elegance and formal attire.
I find this piece very fitting with it's use of black and the destruction of the community, but the strength of the citizens to help one another through the pain
Black in this piece to me represents strength for the heroine to reach her lover through the evil and danger that the trees,snakes, and the sky represent maybe a struggle or challenge to make that return impossible.
Black representing strength, authority, elegance, and prestigious.
I chose The Scream with the use of some black and associated black with fear. The man in the photo is screaming and perhaps that can be interpreted as fear of what he is looking at that is not on the photo
Black defining Mary's grief and sadness of her son's crucifixion
I chose the reverse painting with Venus and Cupido because I thought the black was used as feeling of elegance to Venus and Cupid. On a side note, the black to me also contrast well with the oranges and reds further empowering this piece.
I chose this guardian mask/statue thing because I think the charred black part most represents black as something strong and representing authority.
The Impact's use of black makes this abstract piece to me mystery, and after reading this was a piece post World War II also death or grief, authority and what is to come next.
I picked this piece to showcase black being a symbol of grief, death, and formality in terms of the celebration of Easter with those hooded men.
The shadows help create a sense of mystery to me,and I asked myself what's in the crate? When I squint it looks like a person's feet
I found the use of black in this piece kind of gave the two figures some mystery. Why and what are they speaking about in this dark doorway?
I chose this Baroque style painting of St. Peter in Prison for there being a little bit of light, but heavily black providing some mystery as to why he is praying. What did he do I was thinking?
This Baroque style painting of the creation of Adam feels like the color black wants to represent God being very powerful, strong, and with the creation of Adam very mysterious in what is going on with the painting.
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