Harsh but gentle, simple but complex 

Snow a wonderful thing of nature in the eyes of different lenses and artists. With this exhibition, you can look through different eyes and open to numerous aspects. Learn more techniques, skills and media form from these artworks that has been displayed in the exhibition called ‘Harsh but Gentle, Simple but Complex’.  This exhibition is about the different views of snow as many see it completely different from you or from your families and friends. On one side snow can look delicate, soft and graceful however in another vision it can be harsh, sharp and jaggered. These artworks depict these themes with a bit of their own twist and taste. Each of these unique art has their own personal style to communicate their meanings to us. These artworks are selected due to their uniqueness and individuality, some may have history behind them some may be quite modern. These artworks are connected by their vision or aspect of snow as the are expressed through art. Artworks like these interlock with each other as a quote says, ‘opposite attracts’, even though these artwork are quite different but they still link together.  The main subject they use is snow in it’s natural area, artists picture snow in different shapes, sizes and colors but also the form of the artwork. Compare and contrast the wonderful artworks that have been created and placed together for your learning and interest. Come with family, workmates and friends to explore the two sides of the cold snow.   

This is a structural frame: As it uses a layer technique where the red lines are at the bottom and it works it way to the snow. It uses multiple shapes and object to it.
This is a subjective frame as it isn't just the usual white snow. This frame includes blue and purple which adds a glowing effect. This artwork reminds me of mystical magic.
This is a Post modern frame as it uses photography and new media to create this sculpture. The artist uses installation by using ice to form the artwork which then is photographed.
This is a cultural artwork as it is a traditional type of artwork. It uses a rough and traditional strokes. It is from the Korean culture.
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