Color Throughout Life

Art History Class - Full Sail

I chose this photo because I love the contrast between sky and the farmland. The difference between the blue sky and the tan field provides the natural contrast of a summer day.
I love this because I have seen this amazing waterfall in person! This piece of art truly captures the natural colors that had been ingrained in my mind and thats why I love it so much.
I love this, not only because the color helps the vase stands out, but also because it reminds me of the caribbean waters. The aqua blues and hints of violet remind me of the tropic waters.
The use of the primary colors makes a bold statement that really caught my eye. Therefore the use of bold contrasting color is what really drew me in and caused me to love this piece.
To be honest, I am not even sure what this is, but I felt very drawn into the geometric shapes and bright contrasting color.
The use of glass, light, and color really makes this art piece stand out and draw you in. I also love the use of circles and curved lines that add a geometric feel.
This is one of my favorite pieces I have found on this website. I am always interested in a variety of color and a natural organic feel and how it combines a lot of varying aspects to create this masterpiece.
Once again, the amazing color combines together to make a wonderful eye catching piece. I love how there is natural and geometric shapes coming together to make this picture POP towards you.
I love how this unique point of view creates a warped view of the world. The 360 degree panorama showcases the skies natural and filling blue while the world's green grass takes a small part.
Unlike the last photo, this 360 degree photo allows the viewer to take in the surrounding flowers, but ultimately focuses you on the skyline and the Toy Story like clouds.
This is a great photo realistic skyline of an amazing sunset. I love how the warm sky colors collide with the cold hard colors of the mountains.
I love how the uses of many colors, specifically the dark tans, helps to create a cloud shadow look over the landscape. Another reason I love this piece is how beautiful the water is against the tan land.
I always love how the sun changes the whole color sphere of the sky. This piece showcases an amazing shading to show all of the wonderful colors that the sun creates in the morning and late evening.
I love how this artist used the bright orange against the violet and blue clouds to create a strong contrast that grabs the viewer. You are extremely drawn in and captivated by the painting because of the crazy colors.
For the final piece I picked, I decided to not only have the beautiful fire like clouds but I also liked how it was related to Florida. Therefore this is a beautiful combination of the bright colors, dark shades, contrasting birds, and it comes together to show off a part of this beautiful state.
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