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Finding the main focus point or knowing what to look at in a picture can be confusing sometimes. But the with the help of "Color" it makes the picture come to life giving your eye a path in what to look for.

The all of the bright colors in this picture makes it fun to look at. The thick black lines behind the text makes the image pop out more giving it a 3D affect.
Although the color is beautifully done in this picture having a warm feel to the painting. The perspective is what made me enjoy looking at the picture. the way the picture is not distorted is amazing
The high contrast between the pink figures and the black background is what makes this work. Although that there is a lot of movement going on in the background the pink still out powers the craziness
The colors picked were both on the dark side. So it makes nothing in particular stand out. which makes you have to look everywhere in the picture, and i feel like that was the artists intentions.
LOVE THIS PICTURE. The colors chosen give a nice and calm mood. It makes it easy on the eye and a relaxing feel to it. This makes you be able to look around easily and enjoy the art.
The mood with this picture is somewhat calm. But what throws me off is the "Red" umbrella and its not even raining. I guess its to keep the sun off, but why is that suppose to be the main focus?
The colors stay consistent with a real life scenario which is appreciated in the picture. The texture with the brush strokes is what i like about the picture. This gives the picture a nice soft feel.
very high contrast in color with the top and bottom of the picture compared to the middle. i feel like it works because the main objects are in the middle. the couple and the background.
This picture is crazy to look at , tons of different colors making you look all over the place but the perspective of the picture keys your eyes on track looking eventually leading to the house.
i just appreciated this picture for the way the color set the mood. the pictures meant for a hard working scene(struggle maybe) and the choices complements that greatly.
I feel like the color of the sky (blue) can take away from the main focus of the picture which is the girl, because what she has on and the area is very plain.
very high contrast between the people in the boat wearing black and the background which is a light blue/white. This is a great way to make the focus point (people) pop out.
This picture is interesting because you would think that the high contrast between the kids and background would make the kids pop out and be seen more. But for some reason my eyes go to the boat.
The colors fading from darker to lighter makes this picture very ATMOSPHERIC. This atmospheric background helps pop out the foreground of the picture.
I feel like the color in this picture makes for a very interesting scene. where the color is lighter makes it stand out more because of the darker points throughout the picture.
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