the principles, ideals, or practice of producing fantastic imagery or effects in art by means of unnatural juxtapositions and combinations.

He appears to be a musician God and the reason we are able to figure that out is because he has a robe on his legs and is holding a lyre. He is seated on stage and the background seems to show the nature of a town. His body seems to contain different shapes in which some look like buildings. This artwork contains so much meaning to it and I can tell with all the ideas overlapping one another or somehow shown in the background of the main focus.
The colors become darker as you look from the bottom to the top and I believe is to focus your attention on the shadow of the woman and the cat that seems to be bark or some other type of substance. A sharp object seems to be striking towards her, which could be lightning. I love what the artist tried to do in this painting , he portrayed the woman and the cat in a different way but your able to identify the shadow.
The chick seems to be helpless and scared because it is being surrounded by two spiders. It also continues to look above at the flowers that are covered in spider webs. I like the chick is looking at the bouquet of flowers
A couple that views the same idea, a desert like place. This was one of my favorite pieces because they view the same perspective and I like how it was demonstrated in the figures.
It seems like a war zone and the ending of a battle. I wanted to know more about the situation because it intrigued me.
The enviroment is full of wires located on the everywhere ground. The setting appears to be gloomy and dark. The destruction of nature seems to be a metaphor of the war. The tree is being pulled by barbed wire. The wires interested me because they were emphasized throughout the whole artwork.
Rectangles that reflect light and focuses on the use of technology to demonstrate an idea. It even demonstrates where the shadows are located in the 3D art. I liked the technology portrayed in the images.
A nightmarish image that contained an image behind it which in this case it is dealing with childhood. I chose this artwork because it seemed like a mix of a clown and something else which drew my attention.
Describes two couples made of different types of material, one plastic and the other out of nails and possibly steel. It will eventually lead us to a new cultural horizon of posthuman and postmachine. The sculptures gave a message of love and it interested me that they were made of two different materials.
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