Under the sea

This exhibition relates to the natural world, it explores the concepts of nature within the sea.  The theme of the exhibition is "Under the Sea" and consists of 15 artworks that depict various images and ideas that have to do with life underwater. Within the exhibition the theme is represented in a number of forms including paintings and sculptures. These artworks allow the audience to appreciate the way the sea relates to nature. This theme explores the exciting world of marine life and the many wonders that occur in the ocean. These artworks were chosen to represent this theme as they are able to portray many different characteristics of life in the sea. The relationship between the artworks and the theme is clearly evident. The artists have successfully illustrated the many different features of life “Under the Sea”. Audiences viewing this work can relate well to the theme as the topic is well known and familiar. The images used identify popular subject matter that the audience is aware of.  This exhibit highlights the many interesting and fascinating things that are connected with life under the sea. The subject matter draws the viewer in by the way it emphasizes the relationship between nature and the sea. This selection of artworks allows the audience to connect with nature. These artworks provide a combination of the different life forms that exist together within the sea. This exhibit allows the audience to appreciate the many amazing and interesting events that happen under the sea. 

This artwork represents the postmodern frame because it is recontextualised. The artist has placed the jellyfish on a bowl where they are not normally seen. Irony is also used in how the artist depicts an unusual connection between the subject matter and the medium.
This artwork represents the cultural frame because of its connection to social identity. This natural artwork portrays a well known ideology that can relate to different class groups. It highlights that nature is available to all members of a community or social group.
This artwork represents the subjective frame because it is of a mythical creature. This shows that the artist has used imagination to come up with the artwork. It allows the audience to think about their personal experiences and ideas and challenges the way they view and interpret the artwork.
This artwork represents the structural frame because of its composition. There are contrasting colours that help the image stand out,a variety of shapes to make it look unique and interesting and the repetition of line, shape and colour to form the pattern of the fish.
Credits: All media
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