The art of colors

Ana Rivera

The color in this piece is quite settling and soft. Nothing too dramatic and nothing too dark.
The blues, whites, and grays in this particular painting almost seem eerie and gives off a ghost-like vibe.
The vibrance of this wall art is definitely something that would catch your eye from more than a few yards away really wanting the viewer to see it up close.
Another piece with subtle colors, it seems whimsical as the woman is taking a break from whatever tedious task she had been doing.
It seems like the colors in this painting are letting the viewer know that it's starting to become night time as it looks like where the Shepard is seems to be like the sun is setting.
The bright neutral and flat colors show just a simplistic way of showing a great piece without getting so complicated with shading and lighting.
It seems like a nice clear and sunny day with the pale yellows, soft pastel blues, and the gentle greens for the grass on the lake.
Due to the narrowness and what seems the shallowness of the river and how it's painted, it almost seems sad and depressing maybe letting the viewer know that there was probably a drought for some time.
The different green hues shows the harmony between the siren and the body of water she lives in as the red sky is something she loves to watch.
The colors seem as if a rainbow is reflecting off the waters surface.
This piece looks like it takes place in a desert due to the golds and yellows.
The colors here are very happy-go-lucky and shows life even in the poorest of places.
The woman and the colors painted on here are surely her sadness for the caged bird.
Another piece of art that depicts life with its greens and soft pinks, along with some browns showing the gentle side of nature.
The dark browns with the leaves on the floor shows a mysterious setting with the white trees popping out.
Credits: All media
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