Kathryn Decamp


This piece shows texture. It shows texture by the way it looks, because it looks as though it would be rough and scratchy if you felt it.
This shows color. There are several colors all throughout each of the vases, like blue, gold, purple, orange, green, and more.
This shows line. There are lines inside of the bowl and outside, showing the continuous movement of a point through space.
This shows shape. It is a flat circle, with two dimensions.
This shows form. There are multiple horses and one human form to show the three dimensions in this piece.
This shows space. There is area between the top piece and the bottom piece. There is also area underneath and all around it.
This shows value. The blue is darker at the base and gets lighter towards the top, showing the range of light to dark color.
Variety is shown here. There are three different colors and there are many different abstract shapes and patterns used.
This shows harmony. There are different shapes carved into the pot, but they all have the same, metallic, black color to be harmonized.
Emphasis is shown here. The bright orange flower sticks out over the gray and black of the vase.
This shows balance. Both sides of it are symmetrical, showing that they are equal on both sides.
This shows proportion. Each of the objects are different in size but relatively similar.
This shows movement. A visual illusion is created because the birds appear to be flying in a sky.
This shows rhythm. The constant curve of the vase gives the illusion that is is moving in a smooth way.
This shows pattern. The same shape is repeated multiple times and so are the colors.
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