Color "I Got The Blues."

Blue, the color of loyalty, authority, wisdom, and logic. 

This blue represents Pascal's wisdom over composing music , and his devotion to music.
I personally love how van Gogh uses blues in most of his work, it's a symbol of his loyalty in reality.
Monet's impressionism in this piece speaks out in a manor of stability and trust.
This abstract piece gives off a sense of earthly-sea life.
An ode to A.Warhol, the blue circles give off into the shape of a grape cluster.
Archery, the sport of precision and focus. Mind and body must be one in order to excel at this form of athleticism.
At a distance all you see is sky, the clouds are pointing to heaven, the men in the trenches prepare to fight for their lives.
Very graphic, a wise man looks condemned for something he is not guilty of.
Loyal and strange angels follow a girl no matter what she does.
Beautiful abstract, the colors perfectly compliment each other, almost looks like graffiti.
Sympathy for a dying man. Shadows are blue, something beautiful and sad.
Great use of fading between blacks and blues.
A childish form of what almost looks like heiroglyphs, in different shades of blue.
An elegant depiction of a Qur'an page. Portrays authority, the gold compliments the blue very well.
this Korean wood block piece looks like Japanese at first, the blueish green color on beige is visually stunning.
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