"Nature Of The World" by Hazel Cardoso

In this gallery, I gathered 10 different pieces to represent the themes of both nature and color of our world that involve a range of light colors to dark colors in different ways of nature. Even though these pieces differ in style, such as paintings and sculptures, when brought together, they can carry the same message, whether it be nature in a time of warmth, or cold.

This piece is one of my chosen pieces for nature because it represents sea life, a life that is commonly dark since there is no light source, but can still have bright colors.
This gorgeous sculpture is something I selected because even though it's a depiction of how extensive a galaxy is, it is something we can see in the night sky.
In this piece, the centralized focus is a plant and a bird. This paining shows an interesting balance with both kinds of living forms that can be found in nature.
In this painting, it shows a view overlooking nature on the land meeting the ocean with Mt. Fuji in the distance. This piece does wonderful of contrasting dark earth colors with water color schemes.
Though this piece has no specific focus, it is in this gallery because to me, it is a depiction of a night sky and what can be seen in white is what the human mind likes to connect the stars through.
In this villager painting, I believe it deserves to be in this gallery because there's a good balance and relationship shown between nature and humans through different shades of green.
Even though the colors are dim in this painting, it's depicts nature in time of year that is most likely cold, but not completely frozen through these choice of of blues and browns.
Like last piece, this piece is mainly using yellows and browns, but thanks to these color choices, the nature in this painting feels a little more alive than last piece.
A piece giving us a glance of nature in the sea. We are met with brown and blues that show a very lively painting, which in this case are the fish, and even give a hint of movement due to the sand.
This piece focuses on one of nature's elements that don't usually help for emphasis, and that is the sky and air in it along with a cherry tree in autumn with bright blues and oranges.
Credits: All media
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