Dusty Moore


This piece shows rythem because it have the little people heads over and over bringing the piece together.
This piece shows pattern because it has many cups but they are different
This piece uses emphasis because the brown door stands out to the white wall and you pay more attention to the door than the wall.
This piece uses harmony because it brings emphasis, color, proportion and pattern all together to create a sculpture
This piece uses proportion because the shelve in much larger than the yellow stool and they are right next to each other.
This piece uses variety because it has many elements like texture, value, and space. it uses texture where it is "broken", uses value in background and space all around the piece.
This piece shows value in the background because it has different lightness and darkness to bring out the main piece.
This piece shows 3D form because it is 3 dimensional and has depth added to it to add the detail.
This piece shows line because it had a start to however they made this and an end. This piece shows many lines
This image shows movement because the white guy on the white fence looks like hes about to kick the ball but its all still.
This piece shows balance because it has an equal visual weight by having the same amount of the piece on one side than the other, if you cut this piece down the middle it will be equal.
This piece shows texture where the letters are and visually you can see that there is a drop where it may have been carved.
This piece shows color because the light reflects off the object and your eyes can see it, this piece shows many colors.
This shows space because all the area around the actual piece is black and it brings out the piece.
This piece shows shape because it shows many different shapes and all the shapes are placed into one giant shape. This shows different sizes of shape.
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