Texture in Nature

Texture in art can be defined as the way an artist paints an object to create the illusion that an object would have a particular feel to it if you could actually touch it.

The paint does not appear to have been applied smoothly which helps to create the feel that the trees have leaves and almost feel 3Dimensional and the water looks really still in contrast.
The way Monet has painted this scene you can almost feel the mistiness of it.
When you look at the way Millet painted the hey it appears to have an accurate weight and texture that makes it clear that the peasant is lifting hey.
Each individual flower was painted in a way that gives each of them their own texture. The yellow ones look shinier than the softer looking roses.
In this painting you can feel that the leaves on that bush to the left are a different texture than the rock in the foreground. The smoke from the fire in the background appears natural.
The way the paint was applied to the canvas, although this is very impressionist in style, you can tell that the leaves in the foreground feel different than the leaves on the tree in the near center.
In the texture of the dog and swan you can tell that these are solid objects. I feel that I could reach into the painting and feel the ribs on the dog.
The trees have the texture that there is bark on them and the grass looks soft and wild. The way the lighting was painted really help to create that effect.
Although the painting is not entirely clear it obvious that there are people sitting on rocks in water. The rocks appear to be rough and the water appears to be smooth.
This is my favorite painting in the collection. I love the way Perscheid painted the clouds. They look heavy but still soft and I feel I can see breaks in them where rain is falling. They look real.
The vegetation in this image is painted beautifully. You can tell the moss is soft and trees are rough. The stream almost looks as though it is moving around and over the rocks.
The brush strokes are nearly visible in places like the grass in the bottom right and in the bushes all around but they create a realistic texture.
The waves look heavy and strong but still look like a moving liquid
Once again the clouds and the rain have a weight to them. In the tree in the foreground to the left shows a different texture of leaves than the leaves on the trees to the right.
The texture created by the color and the brush strokes defines each fruit vividly. The grapes look pearl-like showing how smooth they are and the other fruit look slightly rougher but still smooth.
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