Da Vinci's use of line in this piece goes beyond just creating the form, It also Creats the shading as well
In this piece as with many of the others that i have chosen the line creates the contour and in some aspects the texture of the images.
The reason i chose this image is that in some cases the line is sometimes hard to define since there is no set object to be found in this piece
I feel like this drawing should be noted as well since line is used for every aspect of the drawing but the shading in specifically unique
In this set of drawings by Da Vinci i feel as though he had taken aspects of the asian culture with the way he uses his linework in them
In this image it sometimes feels as though the line was not meant to be the figures themselves but the space between the shading the linework the cloth creates
As with the previous image the linework feels to be the way that Michelangelo shaded the figures but as well he creates a sense of leading lines to the face of the figures as well
With this i like the way that the linework brings out the contour of the figures
I like the way Titian uses leading lines in the image
I like the contour is created from the lines in the image
Credits: All media
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