Sullivan's Paintings


This beautiful piece representing the "Interior of a forest" was painted by Paul Cezanne sometime between 1880-1890. Being summer, and humid as can be right about now, this painting brought me to a place that was cool. The combination of trees blocking the sun without blocking the beauty made me want to be right in the middle.
This painting named "The Young Biologist" was created in 1891 by a gentlemen by the name of Paul Peel. The title alone caught my attention. Peel did a fantastic job of portraying the young boys curiosity. Hands behind his back, staring at the toad on the ground. I can only imagine what is going through his head.
This painting titled, "Morning after Snow, High Park" was created in 1912 by J.E.H. MacDonald. Being a skier and skiing for the SBU team, I had to chose this painting, It brings back memories of virgin snow and being the first to ski down making those first tracks.
This painting titled "Moose Hunters was created in 1859 by Cornelius Krieghoff. This made me take a step back to appreciate that we have a local food market right down the street, and hunting isn't a necessity like portrayed in the painting to survive. Still today in places like Alaska, there are areas in which this style of living is required. I surely take my hat off to them, because I wound not be able to do it.
This interpretation of "Adam and Eve" was painted by Albrecht Durer. Being a classic tale that most all are familiarized with, Durer tackled a difficult task of recreating this infamous piece. The detail put into this piece brings out their beauty. The black and white surely represents a past tense in time.
Credits: All media
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