This piece caught my eye because its intricate design. Its silver. I think this could have been used to hold many important items since its so nice. I think on the top there is a flower and a lion in the middle.
While looking through the collections the white house caught my eye and I decided to check it out. This sword caught my eye because of its gold and eagle design. I know the eagle is the animal of our state. In the middle of the sword is a eagle and on the bottom of it is a w which I think represents Washington D.C. There is designs on the sword and on the shealth.
This vase caught my eye because is its bright colors. On the top iss yellow/gold and towards the middle it starts to turn purple the green/blue then purple again and finally blue. Theres also weird lines going from the top of the vase to the bottom. Theres a dot on the top of the vase too.
This piece caught my eye because I didn't know what it was used for. It's a cylinder shape with a Ram head on one side and the other side is open. i can tell the person who created this piece was very experienced at metalworking because of the small indentations on the top of the ram's head. I'm curious about what this pieces also represents.
I was very surprised to see tweezers back then. The modern day tweezers look similar like the ones back then. The only difference is the front. I wondered back then what these were made out of since they look very old and about to break.
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