This Art Gallery Is An Homage To The Various African American Artists Of The Past And The Works Of Art That Defined Them. From Visions Of Optimism Through Rough Times To The Depiction Of The Everyday Activities And Hobbies In an Average African American Family's Home, Each Work Of Art Shown Evokes A Different Emotion From The Viewer. Enjoy !

A Crown Appears Frequently In The Early Work Of Jean-Michel Basquiat Signaling His Ambition And Understanding Of Art History. This Particular Piece Of Artwork Shows And Array Of Crowns Proceeded By Head-Like Figurines, Giving The Impression "Imperfection" Does Not Deter The Tendencies Of An Individual Being Portrayed As A King.
This Image Destroys The Idealism That Art Isn't a Multicultural Interest. This Photo Displays Art On Both Sides Of The Racial Spectrum Displayed By The Relationship Between Artists Andy Warhol & Jean-Michael Basquiat.
Horace Pippen's "Old Black Joe" Was One of Irony & Controversy, As He Depicts A Role Reversal Of Sorts With The African American Man Acting As Slave Owner And The Caucasian Woman Playing The Role As Slave.
Horace Pippin's Depiction Of An Average Christmas Morning In An African American Community. A Well Decorated Setting, In Contrast To An Absence Of Presents Under The Tree. This Signifies That Even Though There Was A Lack Of Materialistic Value, They Made Up For In Morals.
Aaron Douglas Displayed The Brighter Side Of Negro Life During Slavery-Driven Times In This Painting. A Powerful Depiction Of The Resilience Of The African Americans Bond During A Harsh Time Period Where Their Sense Of "Togetherness" Was Figuratively; As Well As Literally All They Had.
Jacob Lawerence's Painting Shows His Vision Of How The White House Was Built. The Most Historical House In US History Being Built Together By The Very Same Races That Were Against Each Other In His Present Day. This Painting Shows Within Itself His Optimistic on The Past, Present & Future Days.
In This Painting, Mr. Lawrence Depicts a Common Bonding Hobby Shared By The Average African American Family. Gossip, Jokes, Laughs and Other Good Feelings Are Shown In The Painting To Give You The Feeling That You're Apart Of The Commonly Played Game As Well.
This Is A Groundwork Sketch For The Study Of Subtlety Sculpture That Would Accompany The Drawing. The Robust Figure, Head Scarf & Full Lips Shows The Depiction Of The Average African American Woman In A Far Less Appropriate Light. Not Only In Southern Slave-Ridden Times But Today As Well.
Credits: All media
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