gios cool 

theres no running theme in this collection, but each painting has their own meaning and each is different for different people. these paintings have taken so long to be completed and still ignorant people will vandalize art in many places. hopefully i take my skills to the next step and become as good as some of these artist. 

i like this painting because these guys knew they were badasses, i can imagine them looking back on the things that theyve done. i wish one day me and someone close to me will get ourselves painted.
i like this because it shows how no matter how long its been people who have died will always be remembered and love.
i chose this one because it gives a representation of how present day school is. school isnt about learning anymore its about earning credits and passing classes. kids wake up to go to school and go home to study and do homework.
i like this because it shows how you can turn anything into what you want it to be. i like how its just random art laid out everywhere
this mural shows how the only way to solve problems is to be positive and treat people nice. no matter what is going on in the world everyone should keep a happy mind.
i chose this because it shows how people will do so much to make sure whoever they love is safe and happy, because you cant afford to lose them.
this to me means that a little goes a long way. changing something small and really make a big difference that you can notice.
i like how they put in so many different colors in and gave it so much detail. i cant imagine spending so much time to do this even though its so pretty and eye capturing
i like how the colors compliment eachother and how its so simple but really cool and just catches your eye and attention.
i like this mural because although many people hated him and didnt want to see him succeed he overcame doubt and became one of the most known idols of many people.
this to me means how even though what was going to happen they came together to enjoy each others company and live in the moment.
i really like this one because it reminds us how small we are in this world but weve come so far and done so much.
i like this piece because its true and i didnt think about this until now. i bet many other people didnt realize this until now that someone decided to turn a simple quote into art.
i chose this art piece because its has alot of bright colors and they way its laid out is cool. it has a really beachy vibe.
i like this one maybe the most just because of how its laid out, the colors they go really good together. i also like how they did it on the side of a building so youll see it when youre driving or walking by.
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