In this gallery you will find a variety of pictures of nature. All of these pictures will have a distinct style of nature in them, and that is snow. Snow is something that makes nature look amazing during the winter months. So put your jacket and hat on and enjoy this gallery!

In this artwork winter is coming to an end. With the melting snow, a non frozen lake, and a duck floating on the water give it the spring is coming feel. The colors in this painting really make it pop.
This painting from Kawase Hasui was done with ink and color on paper in 1921. This piece uses shape to display the snow capped Japanese village and mountains. The fading of the color blue really makes this pop and catches your eye easily!
Another piece by Kawase Hasui was done with ink and color on paper in 1920. The painting is of a guest house in Japan that overlooks a pond. The pond in this painting uses emphasis, catches the users eye with the bright blue color, surrounded by the white of the snow.
This drawing which was done by Eric Ravilious was done during WWII. The picture illustrates a French Air Force plane being de-iced before a snowy take off. This drawing is well balanced with both sides of the drawing coming to life.
This painting of a snow covered barn over looking a lake with a village in the distance is part of a 7 piece series by Kawase Hasui. This piece shows unity, with all parts of the painting giving you that happy complete feeling when looking at it.
This ink and color on paper painting done by Kobayashi Kiyochika in the 1930's depicts a Japanese woman walking home from working in a shop. This painting shows great contrast from the lighter colored snow to the woman in the dark colored clothes.
This painting which was done with oil on canvas shows a Japanese man working in the mountains with beautiful scenery in the back. The snow covered mountains really make this painting look full.
Another great painting by Kawase Hasui shows a snow covered town in Japan. This piece shows great value with the lightness and darkness of colors that the artist uses. This piece is from the 1920s and was made with ink and color on paper.
This vertical painting which was done on paper with ink and color shows a snow covered landscape on farm land in Japan. this piece shows depth with the small village in the background which is barley visible with all the snow covering it.
The artist Gustave Caillebotte used oil on canvas to depict snow covered roof tops in paris. This piece uses a lot of shapes to make the roof tops and to show the depth of the town. The contrast between the snow and the darker shades for the buildings really makes this piece look amazing.
Credits: All media
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