Trayce Jones


this shows good rhythm because how the sculpture flows to keep and illusion like a splatter like and pattern it keeps the flow
this shows shape because its still a sculpture but it has a on sided piece
The Bounds Of sense shows the element Line. because if you look the line is the Art Its a continuous lines in circles like tribal but put into a sculpture
The Sunset Valley Shows lots Of harmony Because the sculpture are using the same form of elements but different line paths
This Sculpture shows a illusion of Movement although its made out of stone it shows movement because on how the Sculpture chiseled the horses and people in the form of the horses were being rode.
Look at this sculpture it wouldn't be smart if you didn't use proportion because its a person obviously if you chisel somebody you have to you proportion for the realistic matter and the correct size
Form. This sculpture is called slice and it is a 3 dimensional object. a cube put into sculpture so I used form for this one because of the 3 dimensional figure
I used emphasis for this one because the hole design is interesting because its made out of a spray can but the reason I put it as emphasis because everythings black and white them there is a face in
this vase shows pattern because if you look on the vase it has a repetitive design and the design up and down the vase
the high life sculpture shows multiple elements but the design I pointed it out that I wanted to see what the texture was one of the things I was curious about
this item shows value because of the different shades of wood they used to perform darker wood to a lighter wood
the sledge shows space because all around it is nothing but space and that's it nothing about it
This Shows balance because both sides are symmetrical and to be balanced there equal visual weight well this has symmetrical weight
the Rod puppet shows lots of primary color but they change the colors of them but they try to keep them yellow color is light that reflects off an object
I chose variety for this because off the bat I saw proportion, line, and the definition of variety is to combine elements
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