All About Immigration

Taylor Thomas

Atlanta, GA was one of the locations of protest against HR 4437. There were many protests over this as well as other immigration topics.
The 9/11 attack is an event that has shaped public perception of immigrants and caused anti-immigrant feelings.
Some people feel that national identity is hindered by various aspects of immigration, but this is interesting seeing as many of us are immigrants, too.
Who does get to be an American? This video gives a special look into what it is like to be undocumented and a student in the United States.
Schools are places that have been more supportive and welcoming to immigrants. This is for a multitude of reasons. (colleges, in-state tuition)
Schools are not able to ignore the growing population of foreign-born students and help with different language programs and policies and provide educational opportunity.
Immigration, Housing, and Suburbs: Some people feel as though they are losing their local cultural identity as Latino immigrants move into their communities.
Lacy and Odem discuss this in their writing, but hate groups have grown significantly as people from other countries move to the United States. The Ku Klux Klan is one of the groups that has grown.
As people feel that they are discriminated against, this essentially furthers them from the culture they are trying to assimilate to.
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