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Our mission is to publish self-help books. But, like, actual books, that make you think, not just "feel-good" books that say "we can help". That is books that tell a story, ones you can learn from. Ones that make you question life's most questionable questions,  what it means to feel, why we feel that way, what makes us happy, or sad, ones that reveal what its like to be a real human. All this is in  an effort to get you to help yourself feel good, of course!

"Working" by Studs Terkel Working...Why do we do it? Why do we devote our lives to it? How can work be an extension of who you are? How can it fulfill your life? Many people go through life, working a job they don't want. Discover with "Working" how people miss this idea. Their interviews can help you learn from their mistakes in order to better yourself and avoid the same problems they faced. This book allows you to see real experiences by real, ordinary people, who each have their own story to tell. And, perhaps, you can choose a career that reflects who you are, an outward manifestation of your inward self. As Eric Nesterenk, one of the workers interviewed, put it "Many of us are looking for some kind of role to play, it's a way of life". Your work should be a mini-you! Millions of readers are already learning from this great book! "This book showed me that it's ok to want more from your job!" ~ Twilight Sparkle
"The Most Human Human" Brian Christian How Human are you? Do you ever feel like there is something you are lacking? Are you really willing to sacrifice real face time for robotics? Listen up teens and young adults, have we got a book for you! Unlike other books that just tell to be yourself, this one actually tells you how! In "The Most Human Human", the author reveals how impersonal humans are getting amongst each other, and how technology is on the verge of replacing human emotions. If you ever felt that you're social life is lacking, this is the book for you! Discover the following: - how humans are really meant to be! - how the modern technology of the world we live in hinders who we are! After reading: - put away the cell phones - put away the ipad - put away your laptop - really enjoy being a human with other humans! - Ask yourself this: How can converstaion work in the "total absence of emotional intimacy"? "It made me a real boy!" ~ Pinocchio
"On the Nature of Things" by Lucretius Why do we worry? Sure, everyone worries from time to time. But why should we? STOP IT! It can be done when you read "On the Nature of Things"! This book isn't some self-help checklist, no! Unlike other books, it shows you how to change your whole perspective! By reading this, you will discover how most of the things you worry about are frivolous! "Continual dropping wears away a stone". This is what worrying does to yoy. Once you discover that the root of the problem is your fear of death and failure, you can let go of all the material fog that clutters your life. You will feel as light as the atoms in the clouds... "After reading, I don't worry, I'm happy" ~ Bobby McFerrin
"Age of Empathy" by Frans de Waal Why should we care? Why should we show compassion? Survival of the fittest, right? Wrong! "None of this is keeping with the old way", as de Waal puts it. Cooperation...It's only natural! It has been thought that life is merely about survival of the most fit, even for humans. However, with the "Age of Empathy", Frans de Waal details how it is natural for humans to behave in ways that exemplify cooperation, teamwork, and compassion. De Waal outlines how, despite how it may seem at times, humans are actually compassionate and cooperative. It's not just an idea, it's biology! Unlike other books that often depict humans as if they are in a constant, malicious struggle of life and death with one another, de Waal shows, with SCIENCE, that this is just not true! In fact, humans are meant to be social, and compassionate! It will change your whole outlook on life and biology! Discover How: - Sharing is caring - We all benefit when we get along - To avoid conflict - Build lasting friendships "Because of this book, BACKSTREETS BACK! ALRIGHT!" ~ Nick Carter
"Oration on the Dignity of Man" by Pico della Mirandola Do you ever feel like you are forced into something? As if, what you are born into will determine what you become? Do you feel limited? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, we've got the book for you! Pico della Mirandola's text oulines the current condition of human life. This isn't just any book, instead, it shows human freedom, even in the face of obstacles. It is one full of options! We are like artisans crafting and designing our lives! If you are wondering what role you are meant to play, this is the book for you! "You, with no limit or no bound, may choose for yourself the limits and bounds of your nature". Discover: - How you can choose you're role to play - How your life is in your hands - How Humans aren't confined to one role - How limitless we really are "This book helped me discover that I don't have to be limited by anything!" ~ Nick Vujicic
"The Histories" ~ Herodotus How Balanced is balance? It's not always straightforward. The tides can change at any moment. This book will help you discover how people find their roles and fit into them, and the risks there are if you stray to far from them. It will also help you realize that, sometimes, in life, there may not be any stability, and how you will have to be prepared for the good times, as well as the bad. "Human happiness never remains long in the same place". Unlike other books, Herodotus's "Histories" tells about different cultures and how they fit into the world and find happiness. We see how overarching this instability of human happiness can be through time and different cultures. "Yeah! I get to make a final appearence! But what should I say? I mean, I wrote the book, but I don't want to sound arrogant...hmmm...I know! I'll leave you with this final statement: Things change, therefore, never take anything or anyone for granted, enjoy everything while you can." ~ Herodotus
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