NASA is in control of all space activity these are just small examples of the many different things that happen

This picture is significant because those who receive this award are the who know the performance of space vehicle is at its best
This photo is when the most famous Nasa quote Houston we have a problem
this photo shows how well equipped the photography department is because the photo shows such good detail
Apollo 11 was the mission of landing people safe on the moon returning back to earth and this is Edwin one of the astronauts who landed safely
this photo is one of the pathfinders actually on the mars and without the astronaut who on vehicle doing there job properly this couldn't happen
this mission into outer space was to see could humans perform work duties living their space life but also collecting data as well in space
this photo is a different view of a landing sight for a pathfinder a birds eye view just to there are many things that happens in space
the fist man to the moon Neil Armstrong this photo is one of his boot actually on the moon
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