!!!!OCEAN by eve and nicole!!!

http://tinyurl.com/nfkl74x           Our ocean gallery has lots of unique paintings that shows how different people see the ocean. 

Having a bay with one tree standing alone in a fish bowl is probably not how most people picture the ocean. The trees and other objects are repeated many times to show movement.
Showing a bay which seems to be at low tide with two lone chairs that almost seem to be waiting for someone or maybe even somthing. This painting is in a series of other chairs called time memory an existence but in my opinion this one is the best.
The rough wave will try to push me of my surfboard and drop me in the dead of the ocean. Although the sight is beautiful but can lead to deadly incident. Wow! What a sight. this panting is so well drawn it looks like a picture!
showing a large area of ocean with a bamboo flowerpots things moving in the water,i think this is one of the best pictures in are gallery.
Each individual wall picture fits in so well with the others it almost looks like theres just one picture repeated multiple times in tide.
This wonderful painting shows lots of detail and texture. I can almost feel the warmth of the sunset and then rough sea calming down with the wind playing it a soft lulabuy.
The angry waves struck the rocks and rock the fishing boat. The people scream, shout, and yell. The waves don’t stop and keep fighting of the danger so the life it carries inside stay out of harms way. And the men in the boat surrender.
This painting is a one of a kind. It show you beauty in winter and every season. The icy ground the freezing waves dance with the wind on the sparkling ocean top. As a woman stares at the amazing view. The wind blows on her face
this sculpture is a beautiful example of art, these two golden sea shells look sort of like earings.
The beauty of the necklace shows the beauty of the ocean if you look deeper inside. The ocean can make the most amazing things. When I look at this painting I see something wonderful.
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