A Mothers Love

By Juanna Jones

This work art shows the Virgin Mary with Christ and the bigger picture for life. The gold used shows importance of Christ. it shows wonderful details especially in their expressions. Llimona was the greatest of all of the Catalonian Art Nouveau sculptors. His work is combined with tenderness and virile force in which I loved about it.
This painting shows so much respect in the texture and colors used. The expression and admiration on the little girls face looking up at her mother shows love. Louise Elizabeth Vigee Leburn was born in Paris on April 16 1755,where she achieved early success. She is best known for portraying her subjects in a flattering and elegant style. Louise managed to capture beauty and softness in her paintings.
This particular picture shares a different meaning to me because of the angels that are standing beside the mother and her child. It shows that they are watching over her child and will do so with love. The painting has a different flow and layout from the throne to the child's rosy cheeks. Giovanni Martino Spanzotti
What I love about this picture is that its just a pure black and white sketch. The artist captures the essence an beauty with his shading. Pierre Auguste Renoir was a leading impressionist painter from the early twentieth century. At the early stages of his life he did many decorative paintings to make a living. After being drafted into the army in 1870, he began to embrace a brighter palette for his paintings that we see today.
The child in this painting looks cranky and uncomfortable, I say this because of the expression being shown on the child's face. Its as if maybe the child feels uncomfortable with the woman who is holding her? Mary Cassatt was born in Allegheny Pennsylvania. Although women were discouraged from pursuing a career that didn't stop her from attending Philadelphia's Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Mary became famous from her portraits, she was drawn to women in everyday domestic settings.
The colors used and the elegant lines used showing the mothers grace and the child's warmth is what I like about this painting. Lambardos Emmanuel Benaki was a considerable man and well equipped artist. He was a husband and father of six. Antonis Benaki his son was also the founder of the Benaki Museum.
The title of this painting tells me that a religious concept was put into the art that was portrayed. The family seems so plain, but yet the painting shows just enough to know that something of importance is about to take place. Antonio Donghi was an Italian painter of scenes of popular life genre, landscapes, and still life. With a refined technique, he favored the strong compositions, spatial clarity, and subjects without pretension.
This portrait has no color, but yet shows simple detail work in the shading. The baby looks like he is waiting for some dinner and isn't too happy about the waiting process. Pierre Bonnard emphasizes on planarity, which is the arrangement of colors on the surface, regardless of any depiction of the object. He mainly focuses on the subjective emotions and imagination.
Looking at this picture I actually feel a little sad. Just the thought of a woman losing her husband and a child losing their father is heart breaking. The way the artist captures the woman's grief and loneliness is what makes this painting beautiful. Charles Hawthorne was content with a simple life of painting and was devoted to a friendly style of teaching which attracted his students in Provincetown. He taught his students not only how to paint, but also how "to see and feel their subjects." Although he is a realist, he managed to keep Monet's style as well as the flame of impressionism.
The woman and daughter in this painting look plan and ordinary. Its like the artist captured a regular day in a way through the simple colors used and the simple objects used like the basket the young girl is holding. Garbari Tullio manifested many beautiful poems and art pieces in 1912. When his father died on July 31, he used that pain as well to create his master pieces. He mainly painted scenes of peasant life and popular.
This painting expresses a soldiers love for his family but also the love he has for his country. The images shown share the beauty of tiredness but also excitement to the point where when the little girl and her mother awakens they will be thrilled to see who made it back home. Domenico Induno was an Italian painter but originally a goldsmith. He was born and also died in Milan. The numerous seen today were inspired by epic events of the Italian struggle or independence.
I like this painting and the elegance that is portrayed. It looks like it could b Greek affiliated. Regardless the paining is smooth an soft spoken. A mother and her child spending time together and bonding is what makes this painting stand out. Bartolomeo Guidobono modeled his style to northern influences such as Corregio. He began as painter of ceramic earthenware with his father. He is admired mostly for his decoration of ornamental parts such as flowers, fruits, and animals.
The mother shown in this painting clearly takes care of her children and is shown to sew an care for them as a mother should. I like the color palette used here, because its not too dark but the artist gives just enough color to the audience. Maestro della tela Jeans is a name given by agreement to an active painter in the seventeenth century. This painting is one of many from a series of paintings from scenes of life.
The angel shown looks so graceful and pure. the kiss given to the sleeping baby is the act of love and protection. I like the brush strokes used I this painting to show the roughness but as well as the softness. Vincenzo Irolli created comprised portraits and genre scenes. He was awarded a bronze medal due to the intense maternal figures, portraits of children and everyday life, and depicted religious subjects.
This photo I chose is a little different from the rest, but when I look at it in my opinion I see children learning and being respectful to their peers. The mother figure shown seems very patient. The painting shows morals and respect. Antonio Canova displayed a talent for sculptures. His mature style derives specifically and directly from ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, but his subject was most often taken from classical mythology.
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