Laughable Moments - Roland walker

A lot of times people forgot to laugh and just enjoy life. Here is a collection of work that have been inspired by laughter and captured in time. From paintings to sculptures the artist are capturing the thing that comes naturally to every person across the globe .It can span any time period. Being able to laugh at yourself and others can make this life much more enjoyable.

This is a moment where a guy is just really have a good laugh. At first glance you would think that it is multiple people sharing a laugh but I believe that this artist shows the different degrees of a person laughing.The brighter shades of pink shows that he is tickled pink as the phrase would say and just really enjoying the moment.
This looks to me as if the artist and the person being depicted shares a moment. I love the shading in the painting and how the person being painted is just enjoying it not taking it to serious.
What really got me about this one is the way the artist molded the woman's smile. Her smile is intriguing and captivating. The artist draws you in with her and done a outstanding job capturing the moment.
This to me looks like a cartoon of a child smiling to me. The laugh lines are very visible and the moment seems to be very enjoyable. The red in the boy's cheeks show that he was caught in a moment of extreme joy.
There is nothing like being able to share a good laugh with friends over a meal and these birds seem to be doing so at this very moment. Who knows if they are laughing at the pain of the worm in the bird's mouth or the moments before the catching the worm all that matters is that they are able to do so together.
Its nothing like being able to share a funny moment with a group of people you never met but are all able to relate to the one thing that is happening on stage or the joke that is being told.
The best sound in the word is always the laughter of children. A child being able to enjoy life is one of the most precious moments in this word. the rose cheek bones and the laugh line are shown very well and the moment will always be captured in time.
The artist got a good depiction of the figure with holding his stomach and laughing with extreme joy. I believe the the artist purposely had the figured colored red to express the joy the figure has.
In this moment the man simply seems to be enjoying the meal and having a laugh by himself. He seems to be delighted with his meal and his surroundings
This man seems to laughing extremely hard at the expense of someone or something else. He is really enjoying the moment and enjoying himself. His laugh lines are apparent and he is really enjoying the moment.
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