View of the World During the Renaissance

This gallery show cases images of renaissance era landscapes and how the colors depict and enhance the meaning, feeling, and time of the images presented and show how artists viewed the world during the time and events of these paintings.

This image is of Christ saying goodbye to his apostles. The landscape is hazed to bring the focus to the apostles. The colors begin to darken to the foreground to show the darker meaning of the image. The brush strokes of the sky also gives a feeling of movement to them with the clouds going the way of Christ.
This image is of Saint Jerome. Saint Jerome, as stated in the title, is repenting his sins. The colors in the foreground are light while as you look at the background they become dark, adding a sense of solitude from the rest of the world and regret for Saint Jerome.
This image is called The Proverbs. The Proverbs were a guide of morality and wisdom. The colors begin to darken towards the background where you see a fire. This captures the guide of morality written in the proverbs as well as does the woman repenting in the middle of the picture.
This image is called The Adoration of the Shepherds. It visualizes the event of the shepherds meeting baby Christ. Christ, Mary, and Joseph seem to be living in a dark colored cave foreshadowing what I believe to be the fact that many would not except their child as their savior.
This image depicts Hercules fighting the hydra called Hercules and the Hydra and Hercules and Anteo. The colors of the hydra are dark depicting evil and danger while Hercules is light colored depicting him as the hero of this battle. The Landscape lacks color and life creating a war like environment.
This image is called The Harvesters. It depicts the life of farmers during the renaissance. The picture as a whole is light colored showing possibly the middle of the work day as a group of people sit to have a meal. The farm stretches miles showing they are not done for a while.
This image is named The Tower of Babel. The story is dark and the picture represents that. The story explains the fullness of a ruler thinking he could build a tower to get to heaven. The dark colors and clouds depict how conceited he was. The size of the tower could also possibly depict his ego.
This image is called Hunters in the Snow (Winter). It shows a few hunters leaving with dogs to gather food during the winter. The trees are dead and everything is dark possibly showing how hunting during that season could prove to be a challenge in such a time. The valley in the background seems desolate showing no life since most of the animals are seeking shelter from the cold.
The Crucifixion is a a commonly painted event. In this rendition the clouds are darkened showing a evil that occurred as Christ hangs from the cross. There is only a few people at his feet, including Mary, they are the only figures given color to bring attention to the cross.
Italian Landscape with resting travelers is of travelers taking a break during a journey. The sun seems to be setting as they settle down for the night. As the sun goes down below the land in the background the foreground is becoming darker. The forest area in the back seems to darken to depict the forest becomes thicker as they move.
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