the Messiah's Expressions

The message behind my gallery is the different ways that Jesus's face has been portrayed in different pieces of artwork. Some artists have him show with pain and suffering, as he did on the cross, while other artists focus on the happier parts of his life and teachings. Some pieces of art are even able to combine the two with a perfect median. The video I chose depicts many faces of Jesus with many different emotions. 

Mellan's work is one of the best in my gallery. His depiction of the Veil of St Veronica is done very well. The face in this piece is what I think Jesus would look like. Mellan does show Jesus in his last moments before death, so the subject of pain and suffering is present here. Mellan portrays this subject well with a detailed crown of thorns and droplets of blood on both the crown and rolling down Jesus's face. The way Mellan carved this image into the paper makes facial features on Jesus standout more.
This painting by Joan Gasco portrays Jesus in a truly suffering state. His beet red eyes show the pain that is being inflicted upon him. The droplets of blood flowing down Jesus' forehead like sweat mix in with the tears falling down his cheeks to display a truly gruesome and heart braking moment. This painting shows how much Gasco believe Jesus suffered in his last moments.
Ecce Homo's depiction of Jesus is very similar to artists of his time. He brings up once again the subject of pain and suffering but he differs from the other with Jesus' head facing down in disapproval or sadness. He shows both the crown of thorns and blood flowing down Jesus' forehead. A single tear is shown sliding down from both eyes. These tears display the true sadness that Homo is expressing in his art. The video tagged along with all of the images in my gallery. The first few minutes of the video are perfect for this gallery because they show different depictions of Jesus one after another.
Abanindranath Tagore focuses more on Jesus' teaching then Jesus' crucification. He portrays a serious Jesus that expresses power. Since Jesus does not have a beard, we can assume that he is younger. There is almost a smirk on his face, this expresses his feelings at the time and that he was not close to his death and suffering. The eyebrows stick out the most since they are of a deeper color than the rest of his face. The tilt to Jesus' eyebrows show a more serious and stern expression.
There are no other pieces in my gallery that are as unique as Jamini Roy's Christ. Roy lived in a much more recent time period than most of the other artist in my gallery. This depiction focuses more on Jesus' time of preaching then of suffering. His wide eyes and high eyebrows express a unique look at Jesus. His long face and neck give a real modern taste to the artwork. Roy's view of Christ clearly focuses on other attributes that many other artist do not express in their pieces. His view is enjoyable to look at since it is so different than others.
The face of Jesus in this artwork displays his wisdom and intelligence. His face is one of a scholar and of great knowledge. The expression on his face portrays a serious emotion. The unknown author depicts Jesus in a more serious matter than the other artists in my gallery. There is no joy in his eyes, but there is a sense of power. The gold background is different than most of the other artists that have a darker or dull back drop. The gold behind Jesus makes him appear as more of a high scholar or powerful individual.
This artists display of Jesus combines both a serious and wise depiction of Jesus with a darker suffering depiction. The artist is able to combine these expressions with Jesus' face by showing Jesus with a serious expression with no pain or suffering in his face. Yet, the subject of pain and suffering is included with the crown of thorns that is on top of Jesus' head. Even so, the crown of thorns looks almost like a real crown. This may be to show Jesus as a king in his death without showing the brutality of his death. The artist included this dreadful subject without the use of blood or sadden emotions in Jesus' face. This is a different approach then the other artist. This piece combines both sides of my gallery well.
This sculpture shows a time of happiness and joy in Jesus' life. This sculpture differs from all the other pieces of art work in my gallery, due to the fact that it focuses on a different part of Jesus' life, his youth. The rosy red cheeks display Jesus' joy. His face shows a normal expression with no signs of suffering or grief.
Credits: All media
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