Beauty of Ancient Rome

By. Sehyun. Shin

This brooch was represented being a civilize person. And usually the rich people used it to show people "I'm the rich person, so you have to behave nice." This brooch show us the beauty of outlook.
This pair of gold pendants has been prevented well. In this century, when people use the gemstones in it represented the popularity during the time of the Roman Empire. It show us beauty of outlook.
In the Imperial era, which began under the emperor Augustus, the Roman government established a tradition of state-sponsored art in Rome and its territories.
This's the Roman Imperial coins. On the coin, it is Lucilla. She was the wife of Lucius Verus. After his death she remained influential through the marriage of a senator. And they put her on the coin.
This young woman wears a long robe, and her lower body is wrapped in a mantle with one end rolled and drawn up over her shoulder. She represents a Muse, one of the goddesses of learning and the arts.
Signet rings were important items of personal property in the Roman Empire. The owner could use them to authenticate documents and letters,and it is great importance in business and political affairs.
This expressive bust of an older man appears to have been erected as part of an honorary monument. In a columned hall near the great theatre of Ephesus on the so-called marble road of the city.
Belonging to the Holy Pope Marcellus, Bishop of the Rome city. He is supposed to have been pope in the years 308-309, but there are doubts as to his historical existence.
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