Project for Photography


This picture is and example of shape because of how the buildings are shaped and on the side of the building there are so many shapes.
This painting is a great example of shape because if you look closely at the painting there are a ton of shapes. In the head dresses there are a few.
This is a great picture of space because the positive space in the picture is the woman and the negative space is the city far in the background,
This is a good example of space because the positive in this picture is the moon because its all by itself and its bright. Whereas the mountains are the negative space because it isn't the main focus.
This is an example of color is the background is very dull colors and the woman's pants and shoes just have a pop of color to brighten the picture.
This is of color because the green dress on the woman blends in with the background but,the artist made the colors really pop with the bright pink flowers to make the painting stronger.
This is line because there are so many lines. Some examples of lines are the roads,building and the splashing paint going up to the sky.
this is an example of line because the street behind the man is going in a diagonal and the cars are diagonal as well and there is also the lines of the buildings.
This painting is form because the painting makes the eggs,bowl,and the pot look three D. They make them look three D my there shapes and the shadows.
I think this is for because all photographs are form.
This is texture because the gate has sharp ends and circles which if you felt the gate the texture would be different. Also the texture of the woman's dress would be also a factor in texture.
If you look closely at the bird there is texture where the wings are and the leaves have great texture. Also when you look closer than you can see the texture on the birds stomach
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