Clare 209 JD Sculptures

In this gallery there are many different sculptures. Three of them include Gods and a couple of random things that spoke out to me. I'm a real big fan of the many gods and goddesses from different religious beliefs so that's why I used a variety of them.

This Sculpture shows the Hindu God Shiva in one of his eight forms. This form is known as Lord of Dance. When Shiva dances it usually the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new. The halo surrounding him represent the fire that earth is being threatened upon.
This sculpture I don't know much about but it really stuck out to me. It looks like a 3-D version of one of those never ending staircases. This is really neat and I like how the artist took something so abstract and turned a piece of art that was meant to be deceiving on paper into a real life form.
This is a sculpture of Parvati which is the Hindu Goddess . She is also known as Shakti and is the wife of Lord Shiva. This sculpture depicts her as a powerfull goddess and very seducing. She is supposed to be one of the most beautiful goddess's of all.
Credits: All media
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