THe Color Of expression

Here are artwork from different artist that use colors that bring out there unique style or message which create there masterpiece. 

I love the vibrate of blues in the sky which to me I think it relate to the waves at the beach because the water is calm and peaceful. And plus the stars has a nice yellow that brings out the contrast in the sky.
The colors in this piece is amazing . I love the way the artist uses cool colors like blues or greens in the background to give the art piece some dept with the warm colors in the foreground.
The color purple appear rich in this picture and the contrast in the shadows give the color dept.
I love the colors in the Shapes that create a fun And active buildings.I feel the artist uses orange,blues,yellows and others that stand out together very well.
The colors in the pattern of the cover is brilliant. The way the Artist uses yellow to capture my attention, which keep me curious to see more of the painting.
The style of this Artwork looks Pop Art.The way the artist use the vibrant yellow in the center of canvas has an big effect in the solar system. To me this express gold,strong, powerful etc.
The lime green really capture my attention. To me I feel the artist is trying express that the world should take better care of the environment.
The Mural really capture the mother and the child with nice purples and blues with a ray behind them showing a moral connection between them.
The scatter of colors really create an atmosphere of dots which look your part of Protons and neutrons family .
The colors in this painting illustrate squares and rectangular using complimentary color creating a abstract image.Using the squares and rectangular angles to give the artwork dept
The colors and the one perspective of this artwork work so well with each other,which make this piece feel so happy and fun to look at.
This artist has a colorfull palette expressing blues,reds,oranges, which illustrates patterns of flowers.To me this artwork express peace and harmony.
This Artwork has a nice nature feel.I love the Artist how they express warm or cool colors to create the tree.
This Artwork remind me about Chronicles of Narnia, it seems like this can be a dream. I love how the water is express with blues, yellows,oranges,greens;which has the light beam from the sky.
I am impress on how the artist used solid squares and rectangular which has complimentary and secondary colors that brings out the content with in the box
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