China's Culture

by Edgar Torres 

China's people in some parts of the country is packed dense like in coastal cities.
Terraced farming from above looks really cool how the water on the rice reflects so much light and looks almost like glass.
The Great Wall of China was built a really long time ago and is one of the most longest walls on the planet.
This stunning painting shows how the Soviet Union has fleeted to China during an outbreak of war.
China's culture pays attention to detail and what material they use for sculpting.
Again, gold is popular in this country and combined with the red symbolizes happiness.
Chinese New Year is BIG in this country. This picture shows students celebrating.
The China-Japan War was a big problem and these hard working men are defending their country and their culture.
I noticed how most buildings in China always have that similar roof style which always looks pleasing.
The tank project is a project which involves gold and lots of thought and feeling.
Credits: All media
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