Art Principles

Balance- This picture has approximate artwork. The gold part on the picture is symmetrical and the same throughout. The artwork in the middle is approximate because it is weighted the same but different colors and shapes.
Their is repetition in this picture because the people are being repeated in the same amount of space.
This is emphasis because the tower is getting more attention than the the people and the land.
This is contrast because the blue resembling the water is throughout the whole picture. The blue, is repeating.
This is a variety because there are different colors to contrast the viewers eyes.
This is proportion because the different bodies/bodies parts because some of them are different sizes.
This is an example of unity artwork because there are colors shaded and mixed together throughout the whole artwork.
I can tell this is a motion picture because the lines are almost like shifted over and there is a change in position going down the page.
Credits: All media
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