Element of Shape/Form

Organic shapes reflect the changing nature and movement of the subjects
Positive and negative space, utilizing a predominantly negative blue background shape, connects each panel of the artwork together
Juxtaposition of geometric and organic shapes
The broken geometric forms stacked upon each other are forms in the round: visually appealing from all sides
The organic shapes that give life to the subjects are contrasted against the solid geometric bench upon which the subjects sit
Irregular organic shapes are anchored by negative blue shapes, drawing the eye to the surface with the positive black shape immediately in the center
Form in relief was utilized to bring the animals to the foreground.
Geometric forms of cylinders are uniquely arranged to create an upward spiral of living energy
Positive organic shapes are identified, creating softness of the organic subject matter, laid upon black negative shapes.
Organic form in the round, communicating movement
Credits: All media
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