Natural beauty of europe

This gallery presents various paintings of the natural wonders and beauty in Europe. The theme of the gallery is nature and the beauty it holds. It is very easy to drive to a beautiful location, take a photo of it, and drive home. This gallery is to remind its viewers that at one time someone had to walk out to the wilderness and spend hours in nature capturing its powerful delicacy. - Riley Woods

This painting depicts the Picos de Najarra mountains in Spain. This is a portrait of a mountain scape in Spain which showcases the beauty of nature, the exact theme of this gallery.
This piece is of the Tatras mountain range in late autumn. The colors of this season are presented perfectly, and the mountains, trees and lake are all pieces of the landscape that present its beauty.
This painting is of the Somme valley near Corbie. Though there are no mountains shooting into the sky or lakes filling the foreground, the valley sweeps on almost endlessly into the horizon, showing the vastness of nature.
This painting shows a beautiful tree line surrounded by a golden field of wheat. This landscape is simple again, but one can feel the immediate connection to the serenity that the landscape holds.
This painting is of the Cabeza de Hierro mountain range in Spain. The way its presented I would say this was painted in the winter. It almost looks like a story sea.
This painting is of a lake resting beneath Mount Mangart in the Julian Alps. The various colors and beautiful scenery depict a place few have been at this point in time (1826). Its beauty is worth capturing.
This is another painting of the Tatras mountains. The earthy colors give this piece a strong presence and the lines lead your eyes right up to the sky. It's a beautiful piece depicting natural wonder.
This piece is another presenting the Tatras mountains. The sky is overcast, which makes the colors in the landscape richer. The artist took advantage of this by showcasing the beautiful green colors in the trees and the field.
This is a painting of Lomnicky Peak, one of the highest peaks in the Tatras mountain range. The composition of this piece allows your eye to flow naturally from the foreground, to the valley, then up to the peaks.
This is another painting of the Tatras mountains. The color palette was beautifully chosen, giving this mighty landscape a majestic, peaceful, and warm feeling to it.
This is another piece showing the Tatras mountains, a very beautiful and popular subject. The colors of this painting are from a very autumn palette. The beauty of this is in its simplicity. Nature's beauty can be almost hard to take in, even harder to depict. The artists stripped it all away to focus on specific elements.
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