Modern and lovely

Google Art Project Virtual Exhibition By: Rachel Brown: In this virtual exhibition I chose Modern Art because it has been by far my favorite art to view. The imagery of these paintings depict modern art really as you will be able to see the structures and textures that make modern art. These images are very great examples of excellent modern art.

This oil painting represents the view from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Remy de-Provence, before sunrise. This painting is very interesting because of it's illuminating structure
In this image there is a defined culture within the viewing of a Spanish girl. The clothing and array of colors present a Hispanic culture let alone a Spanish lady.
The background of this painting is very unrealistic and fanciful but on the other hand we can see a very clear image of Joseph Roulin who really pops out of the painting and brings back the focus.
This painting is hard to make out at first glance, it is most abstract because of the patterns and the bodies of the man and woman. Although unclear, if you look closely you can visually see the man and woman resting check to cheek
In this painting you can see a beautiful lady who looks to be lying on her side in a green, grassy field. This is a very modern painting. The browns, and reds in this painting are very helpful in depicting this image.
This painting does not have much interaction, but clearly presents two overly clothed women that look to be in deep thought . I feel this is a very great example of modern art.
This painting represents a Hungarian market scene. Once again the colors in this painting really help the viewer retrieve this modern art. This is an older scene dating back many years ago.
This painting depicts Denise Proutaux who was a friend of the artist. This image has many structures that represent modern art For example , the flowers on the cloth or blanket allow viewers to see the detail that lies in this painting. As well as the shiny lighting placed on Denise's brown bun.
Once again this painting is another modern portrait and illustrates a beautiful lady who has been caught in a time of reflection or deep thought.
This painting has no human figures but is very modern. This visual texture and structure of the painting looks tattered and very clay like. This painting is plain but one of my favorites because there is not much to it. It can represent many things, but I feel like this painting is a statement of breakfast or an early morning in Paris.
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