A Strand of Light

When times seemed to have lost all hope, many of the Jewish people still sung God's praise even though their belief in him was subjecting them to such an inhumane environment. The Jews seeked for the stand of light that crept in the darkness of their world.

The first piece by artist Hai Ja Bang, is a very simple interpretation of a light just barely flowing through its darker surroundings.
This image creates the illusion of many lights illuminating the dark. To me, this photo is from the perspective of God and the lights are the Jews. God can see that the Jews are trying to be hopeful.
This piece can we seen as a window, just right within one's reach. Meaning that safety and security is approaching you.
This piece by Hai Ja Bang, is a depiction of light in a rather hazy and uncertain environment.
This piece show's how if we all stick together, we can overcome the barrenness and uncertainty of our world.
This last work represents that, like the previous piece, if we all stick together, we will be able to break free of the barriers of torment and fear.
Credits: All media
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