Controversial Beauty

In this gallery, I've picked a few artifacts, mosaics, and future artwork that I think deals with religious themes and Byzantine culture.

I thought this piece really showed Byzantine Art because it shows a very unrealistic figure in a mosaic.
So, I found this piece to be really interesting because it reminds of like a doll house for monks.
I chose this piece because I find that ancient currency can be seen in today's money. Especially, coins like the quarters reflect the Greek culture.
I found this mosaic fascinating because it has a story behind it and it shows the imagination of the Byzantines.
This artifact is quite beautiful and reminds me of the muses in Hercules.
I find it really interesting how ancient civilizations have had an impact on society for such a long time. So, that is why I picked this painting.
This mosaic is so outstanding and detailed. The fact that someone spent so much time just to create something beautiful blows me away.
It's crazy how ancient buildings such as The Hippodrome stay standing for so long and that amazes me.
I feel like religious paintings in The Middle Ages were heavily influenced by the Byzantines and that they really got the ball rolling.
This is honestly my favorite piece. It just has so much detail and beauty in it.