Because its art

art is what people think is art... No more no less.

1. I found this piece of art appealing because of the different mood that the 2 people in the piece posses. 2. This is renaissance art because of the dark shadow under the person on the left's chin, and the facial expression of hatred (on the left) and happiness (on the right).
1. I was drawn to this piece because of all the actions that are taking place simultaneously. 2. This painting shows lots of shadows and gives the feeling that it goes on forever.
1. The conflict in this piece really grabbed my attention. 2. The movement of the man holding the sword gives us the feeling that he's throwing himself at the people across the room and the faces of the people in the center of the frame give a sense of urgentcy and conflict. These details were implumented in the time of the renaissance.
1. The shear size of the building, and the immence detail of the people around and surrounding the building made me very interested in the piece. 2. The people near and far that stretch into the horizon gives a sense of a never ending, and there is a very visible deep shadow that is casted over the sea next to the huge structure.
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