Review of Elements of Art and Design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. - W. Reid DuFault

In this artwork, there is color, form, line, texture, shape, and space. The color is bland, the form is shown with shadows, the lines outline everything, the texture is smooth& there is positive space
In this artwork there is shape, line, space, texture, and color. The colors are bright, the texture is smooth, the lines outline the food, there is positive space in the middle and negative in theback
In this there is color, shape, form, line, space, and texture. The colors are bright and dark, the shapes are the foods, the lines outline everything, there is negative and positive space, & shadows
In this there is space, line, color, texture, form, and shape. The shadows make form, the textures are smooth, the shapes are the objects, line outlines the objects, and there is negative & positive.
There is negative space, bright and dull colors, smooth and rough textures, outlines, shadows to make form, and organic shapes to shape the foods.
Credits: All media
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