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Howard University was originally a college only for African American students. This picture is of the Dental School.
Schools were considered Separate but equal but they were not equal. The colored schools did not have as nice of supplies as the white schools, they basically got all the "hand me downs".
Not only were schools segregated neighborhoods were too. There where the "white and black" neighborhoods. It wasn't just the blacks that wanted mixed neighborhoods some white people also wanted mixed.
During this time you would not see many white people associating with the colored. There were separate bathrooms, drink fountains, schools, etc.
One famous leader during the Civil Rights Movement is Rosa Parks. Rosa parks was arrested because she would not give her seat to a white person on the bus. She was tired of not being treated equally.
Martin Luther King Jr. is a very well known leader during the Civil Rights Movement. He gave many speeches, helped organizations, and led boycotts.
Women also wanted equality. They wanted the right to vote, equal pay, and job opportunities as men. Women also wanted to stop discrimination on gender and race.
Women wanted the right to rote. Groups like the National Women's party protested to get people's attention to allow women to vote.
Many women were not given equal job opportunities. Men were thought to have the job and women were supposed to be the house wife, women thought otherwise. They also were not given equal pay as men.
Alice Paul proposed the Equal Rights Amendment which was not passed but half the U.S. states followed the amendment. Paul also formed the Congressional Union and National Women's Party.
The Nation Women's Party (NWP) was created by Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Rheta Childe Dorr. The NWP wanted to get the right for women to vote and "punish" those who did not support women's rights.
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