The Pattern in Mythology

A theme showcasing the patterns and habits in mythological art. Going through different pieces of mythological art and seeing the recurrences of figures and details related to other works of art. The work of art featured in this gallery will most likely be from the baroque period featuring Gods and Goddesses.  - By Matthew Marchak

This painting is of the Greek goddess Medusa. It is a severed head with snakes for hair with an angry look on her face. A mythical thought of snake hair along with recurrent facial features in Greek paintings.
This is a painting of the hero Hercules and a companion fighting a creature in the wild. Hercules looks troubled but controlled with minimal help from his friend. Detailed grass and body features along with creative mythical creatures.
This is a painting of the apparent moment of the Greek goddess Venus' creation. It is a nude woman surrounded by people being showered in looks. The common nude portraits in baroque mythology paintings is present along the odd body shapes.
In this painting Hercules looks to have saved two girls from a dangerous bull as he stands on top of it strict to it. This painting also has recurrent nudity and surreal environment.
This is a painting that appears to be a Greek party. There's dancing and happiness along with cupid in the sky representing some sort of love setting. Common figures and colors in this painting compared to other mythological paintings.
This painting is a portrait of the Greek figures Mars, Venus, and Cupid together. This is a moment after the birth of the third cupid the son of Mars and Venus. This piece of work uses the traditional nudity like most Greek paintings and also shares the same shading and coloring.
This is a painting of Adonis who seems to be trying to leave as Venus is grabbing at him. This painting uses the same patterns and bases as most mythological paintings.
This is a portrait of a woman named Flora, it is very basic in terms of scene. Uses the same features for body and clothes.
This is a portrait of a trapped Andromeda being saved by Perseus on what looks like a cliff. This painting also uses the nude aspect and dark shading found in the others.
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