Pale tones, calm moods

All of these images use a very pale, pastel, and washed-out color palette creating a similar calming emotional response. Viewing it as a collection, you can feel how well each piece blends into the next.

This is the first piece that inspired me to choose the theme that I did. I absolutely love the color choices here. It creates a very soft tone that is comforting to the eye.
We often associate certain moods with color and I believe that the pale colors in these paintings can often represent feelings of sadness or loneliness. This piece in particular exemplifies that.
There is a calm solitude in this picture with the small man alone in this landscape, contrasted by the large tree. The color palette here really aids in creating that mood.
Claude Monet usually paints colorful pieces which create very happy emotions however you can see that the color choices of Winter Sun at Lavacourt give off a very different, calm emotion.
Again we can see that the art in this collection shares a common theme of solitude and calm. The single rider in the distance seems to be stopped in this peaceful setting. It almost feels quiet.
There is a lot of information in this piece however the same color palette of pastels is being used. I picked this photo because it gave me a very similar calm feeling.
This piece takes the pale pastel colors and literally brushes them about on the canvas to create a mood. With any other colors it would feel chaotic, but now it feels quite relaxing.
I debated including this piece because it's rather dark compared to the others but the colors of the ocean and sky are perfect. The pale pinks and blues help capture the feeling of a peaceful sunset.
This is the simplest piece of them all and I think that's why it impacted me. There are really only two main colors used but it gives the viewer a strong feeling of calm and perhaps even loneliness.
Again I love the simplicity of this piece. The pale colors are used here to capture a simple, serene mood. The lines are light and there isn't much detail. It is very nice to look at.
This piece reminded me of the first picture of the little girl. The colors all blend together very nicely with low contrast. The paleness of her skin blends nicely with the rest of the colors used.
Yet another piece that takes place in winter, the colors here give off the same peaceful feeling of a winter day. The people are colored similarly to the background as to not create too much contrast.
Though the mood of this is slightly more intense than calm, the color scheme was very fitting for my collection. Though the weather is "howling," the colors seem to give off a more calm feeling.
Similar to many other ocean themed pieces, this was chosen because of the feeling of solitude and loneliness that it gives. The rainy beach scene is perfectly represented with this color palette.
Lastly we have another pale woman. Her skin tones blend effortlessly with the space around her. Again various pale shades of blues and pinks make up the piece to create a tranquil feeling.
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