The Wickedness of Women

It started when Eve gave Adam a piece of a fruit from the Forbidden Tree.  Since then women were identified as evil beings that could not be trusted.  Women were blamed for the downfall, the misfortune, and the weakness of man.  With their reputation, they became symbols for seduction, temptation, eroticism, and lust. 

The way Eve is reclining on Adam shows how she is using her body and beauty to seduce Adam into eating the fruit from the Forbidden Tree. Normally Adam and Eve are represented as ashamed or embarrassed from eating the fruit
This painting tells the story of how Delilah tricked Samson into trusting her. With trusting Delilah, Samson was betrayed and his one weakness was exposed to his enemies causing his downfall.
Fortune is represented by a woman in this allegory painting. The hidden message in this painting is that women are the reason for the misfortune of man because she is showing him all that she can give him, but her bare foot symbolizes how she will take everything and leave him with nothing in the end.
In this painting the female is instigating the acts of intimacy by trying to pull the centaur on top of her. This demonstrates how women can be lustful.
Since women were viewed as evil, they were often represented as witches. This shows how women are mysterious beings who engage in unnatural acts.
Women represent the evil spirits Saint Anthony encounters in an Egyptian desert. Women are represented as the evil spirits because they have the ability to make men fall into temptation.
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