The Evolution of women in art and society.

This gallery will show how the role of women has evolved in society along with the artistic representations of them.

This is one of a few representations of women as totems of fertility. Women and their role in procreation is acknowledged by the creators of this small statue. Art at that time had a more focused purpose, and this statue shows the importance of their gods.
Another prehistoric representation of fertility, this piece is slightly different. It has exaggerated features, which are supposed to encourage their gods to bless the tribe or clan with increased fertility. Still merely a representation of their gods, this female sculpture is not meant as an art piece to enjoy, but as a gift or proof of worship for their gods.
This sculpture of the goddess Juno is a good example of the trend towards realistic portrayals of people. Still a feminine representation of the gods of the time, it is not one meant to carry, but to be placed in a temple or home. The art has evolved to a point where they are more concerned with the visual appearance, making the figure beautiful as well as reverent.
This painting represents a scene from Greek mythology. Perseus is rescuing Andromeda from being sacrificed to their gods. To this day in everything from books and movies to video games the whole idea of rescuing a damsel in distress is a very common theme.
Religion remains a large contributor and inspiration to artists through modern times. In this image, representing a baptism, innocence and purity is important to being a good woman. Unfortunately, this remains a persistent idd for a lot of people and religions, leading to judgement and criticism of women everywhere.
Another religious image, this image depicts the benediction of an infant. Religion dominated many aspects of people's lives, and this image reflects that. With the woman in the forefront, her piety is an important factor in the image, as well as the child's.
A woman in the depression worries about her family in this picture. Methods may change, for example this image is a photograph instead of a painting, but the idea of the woman being in charge of the family is important to many pieces of art. Instead of portraying the feminine ideal in this particular image, the creator focuses on the struggles women face day to day.
This image of Marilyn Monroe is representative of the Hollywood portrayal of feminine beauty. Unfortunately, through media and other images, women are forced to choose between being themselves and striving for an ideal that for many is unrealistic. Even today though, because of her size, Marilyn Monroe would not be considered as beautiful today, as the ideal have changed over time.
In this painting, a woman struggles to find balance with her family and ensuring their care. This is a common struggle for many women today, balancing a healthy home life with a career. The worried look on the woman's face shows the fear of upsetting the delicate balance she has achieved, and the fall of her family because of it.
While many people would consider this image nearly pornographic, I do not see it the same way. To me, this image represents the struggles that all women go through, both with themselves and other women. The women in this image are strong, but still struggling with each other. Fighting among women when they should be working together and supporting each other remains a problem to this day.
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