Works of art I would like to see in person...

The abduction of Europa was painted by Rembrandt Harmensz.Van Rijn in 1632. This painting was painted with oil on single oak panel. The portrait describes somewhat of a story about the God Jupiter who used the bull as a disguise to abduct the princess Europa. The dimension of this painting is 64,6 x 78.7 cm.

This colorful painting done by Os Gemeos,is really eye catching. It is painted with materials such as car paint, latex and spray nozzles. They basically used whatever they had to illustrate this painting. They would create paintings based on Brazilian folk art influences.
This religious art painted by Raphael was done with oil painting on canvas. At the top of the picture Madonna carries Christ. At the bottom of the picture is two angels resting their heads on their elbows. This painting was one of the last done by the artist.
This painting was done using oil and painted on panel. It is a religious art. St. Frances is seen looking out and giving hand gestures. The picture seems to have him standing on some kind of rock.
This painting was done on panel using oil. The painting is a religious art. It portrays a tall and big building with many windows. The location of the building is next to the sea where we see many boats and ships.
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