Reyna F. Value Gallery

In this gallery, you will find different paintings/art pieces that show the different elements of value, and why they are so. Like high contrast, attached shadows, etc.

This portrait is an example of High Contrast because it has a way of using the black and the white, and the piece sorta looks dramatic in a way by the way the black and the white stand out and go with each other
This art piece is an example of Low Contrast because it looks sorta gloomy from the way the grays go against each other and there is no real broad way of using black and white, it is using a small section in the value scale in a way.
This is a good example of Value Distribution ( unbalanced) because the picture has more of a range of light greys and white, not much dark colors to go against the light ones.
This art piece is an example of Value Distribution ( balanced ) because it is using a good amount of white and black, sort of evening the colors out on the picture, not too much lightness and not too much darkness.
This side profile of this woman is a good example of Volumetric Value because you can see where the light is coming from by the way her cheek ( more of on the left side of her cheek) is brighter than the right side, showing that the light is probably coming from on top more on the left side.
This art piece is a good example of Attached Shadows. This is because in picture, you can see a dark blob that is in front of the running figure, showing that there is light coming from behind him.
This is an example of Atmospheric Perspective because you can see the figures, they have more brighter and sort of bolder, and in the background it is blurred and dark, making the illusion that the mountain is farther away from the viewer.
This painting is a great example of Chiaroscuro, this is because there is a good amount of values, not just mostly dark or mostly light, and you can see the light source, where the light is coming from.
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