Georges braque

The French cubist

Georges Braque was a french artist who focused on the art of cubism and using simple geometric shapes to form his paintings. Along with being a painter, Braque created sculptures,was a collagist, and also a print maker.
Braque's painting are easy to distinguish. His paintings included simple geometric shapes and the colors range from Earth tones shown in the painting here and brilliant vibrant colors. Braque blended his short brush stroke to create textured surfaces. This painting is a Georges Braque signature because of the obvious shapes included.
After World War I, Braque's style of art changed. His style softened and he began to focus less on geometric shapes and more on color, texture, and still works. He added dimension to his paintings and included shading. The main colors used by Braque were neutral, soft colors and his style overall became less severe.
This painting shows an example of the vibrant, brilliant colors used by Braque along with the geometric shapes used. One person who influenced Braque was Juan Gris. Gris and Braque worked together a few times on paintings such as this one and "Fruit on a table-cloth with a Fruit Dish".
Two other people who influenced Braque were Pablo Picasso and Cezanne. Braque worked closely with these two men and combined styles oftenly. Boats, guitars, tables, and chairs were themes most oftenly used in Georges Braques paintings. Again, in the picture to Braque's right you can see the vibrant colors, and shapes used.
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