Lines, An Element of Art

Lines are elements of art that can be found everywhere in the universe. When used the correct way, lines create a description. The following images all contain lines, each unique in its own way.

These lines depict a field speckled with beautiful flowers. The lines are graceful and swift. The variation of values create depth in terms of distance to and from the flowers.
These lines are colorful and therefore have a happy personality. The lines are strong and aggressive. They almost depict a melodious tone.
These lines are very timid. They are skinny and wavy, conveying a nervous tone.
These lines are expressive of the color produced by fireworks. They appear soft and faded. However, they seem energized because of the direction and color.
This painting expresses a joyful feeling and idea. The bright colors and curved lines create a wild and energized feeling.
The subject of this painting is a forest. The lines are swift and soft, yet the trees appear sturdy and strong. The shading creates value and enhances the shape distinction.
The lines of this painting are rather whimsical. The colorful lines invoke a cheerful and energized personality to the painting.
This painting is soft and mild. The lines are swift, creating a melancholy tone.
The straight lines in this painting are powerful, strong and sturdy. It is a balanced painting.
The lines in this painting are strong. The artist uses implied lines to depict a greater sense of the images size. The fruit, especially, has value because of the variation of light and dark shading.
Credits: All media
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